Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adi+Christine Prewedding

Love can arise suddenly from out of nowhere and so does what happened to Adi and Christine. It came from a friendship and the cupid approached and throw the love arrow to each of them.. *blink*.. and here they are, stranded in the middle of Love Desert.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music Talent Quest 2011

Here they came back this year..!!
The annual grand event of Music Society of UNMC. Music Talent Quest was back on-stage on March, 16th 2011.. As usual, there were 6 solo contestants added with bands.
Here are the contestant's performance during the night..

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ChESS Night 2011

Hi bloggers, at last, I am back with a new post after my FYP has been submitted.. YAY!!
Well, this post is about ChESS Night event which was held on March 2nd... For the same reason, I have to postponed the photos up to now.
A simple but fun events held by the Chemical Engineering students. The event was not meant for strictly Chem Eng student, but also for everyone who love to attend.
Heaven & Hell became the theme of the night where a small act was played by the respected Chem Eng students.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Semifinal of Mr/Ms Nottingham 2011 (Fashion Show)

Hello Bloggers,,
Its been a while since my last post, and again its due to the same reason.. *jreng jreng* Final Year Project *boooooo*
ah well,, its gonna end soon anyway, just another 10days to go before the final submission. So, bear with me in the meantime, Ive had around 3events pending due to time-less post-processing time.. However, I managed and *had* to do this one because the committee urgently needed these photos.

This post is about the Semifinal of Mr/Ms Nottingham 2011. One of the annual event which is always held in UNMC before proceeding to the Annual Dinner. The Finalists of this competition will have their Final stage during the Annual Dinner night, which is awesome.

During this semifinal stage, they had to perform 3 set of fashion show catwalk and talents they've got. So, the fashion show would be shown here and the talent would be on the next post..